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·Dear guests: since June 21, Egypt Style Bath Center under decoration suspended business two months (pedicure: normal business). Tianchi Swimming Pool will choose new location and suspend business. It is so sorry for that!  

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  Baiweixuan Chinese restaurant can contain 300 persons, receiving large banquet, buffet party, celebration, signing ceremony, press conference, performance, top-grade individual serving banquet, etc. Our “Banquet Expert” and “Meeting Expert” provide full-course professional service in accordance with modern management concept. Here, it is the best choice for large-and medium- banquets and meetings.

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Note :1、Room all contain 15% service charge, single rooms including single early, double with double between early, all daily with double room most early 。
             2、If house prices have adjusted to in-store shall prevail, final interpretation DE hotel all throughout the pile 。