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·Dear guests: since June 21, Egypt Style Bath Center under decoration suspended business two months (pedicure: normal business). Tianchi Swimming Pool will choose new location and suspend business. It is so sorry for that!  

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Zhengzhou Cheered Hotel is a deluxe five-star hotel, integrating multiple functions of guest room, catering, hydrotherapy center, swimming pool, KTV, etc. In the service spirit of “Nearest and Dearest One Family”, Cheered Hotel wins a good reputation. Cheered Hotel is the cradle of practicing your knowledge as well as the drill ground of striding towards the society. Cheered Hotel is your best choice!

Guest Room Department: floor attendant; Meeting Department: meeting attendant
Catering Department: water, pantryman;
Fitness Department: receptionist, attendant
Financial Department: cashier
Front Office: receptionist, concierge
Security Department: security guard
Engineering Department: staff
Housekeeping Department: PA machinist, PA cleaner
Marketing Department: marketing manager

Requirements: The cashier (Financial Department) and receptionist (Front Office and Fitness Department) need college degree or above. Other posts need junior high school degree or above.

Sex: cashier (female) security guards (male) Concierge (male)
Other positions of men and women are not limited to
Age requirements: 18 years of age and over
Other Requirements: M: Height 170cm above; female: height more than 160cm. Good character, good appearance, good communication skills, like hotel workers
Salary: Salary to be discussed in various positions wages (provided free meals, accommodation)
Tel :69858888-2403