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General Manager's speech:

  The growth of Zhengzhou Chengyu Deda Hotel is a process of continuous improvement and continuous self-transcendence. Looking back on the past, we have taken a solid step and adhered to the service brand of “Dear to the Family” and created the hotel service industry with the development goal of “Creating a first-class five-star hotel brand in Henan Province and building a century-old store”. The glory of development; looking forward to the future, Zhengzhou Chengyu Deda Hotel will strive to achieve a new leap from excellence to excellence with the goal of “becoming a model of product quality and service quality in the industry”. Excellent management and excellent service. Service is the eternal theme, service is the foundation of the enterprise. Establishing a complete service standard system is the driving force for the enterprise to advance along the track of healthy, rapid and sustainable development. It is to temper the long-term core competitiveness of the enterprise and to create a superior corporate image and realize The important measures of the new leap from excellence to excellence are the driving force for promoting enterprise development and cohesive corporate spirit. Thirteen years, it is only the first step of a company. In the future, we need to “reputate the virtues.” The hotel people are down-to-earth, scientifically managed, and concentrating on management, constantly summing up, perfecting themselves, and re-innovating.

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