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Members Only

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  member rules

  The membership card is for personal use only and is not applicable to group consumption such as parties and conferences. Can be used for: single room consumption for 5 nights or less (including 5 nights); catering for a single consumption of 3 seats or less (including 3 seats); for a single consumption of 10 people (including 10 people); other consumption rules see Notification of each business location of the hotel.

  After enjoying the recharge discount, members can not enjoy the benefits of other special offers while enjoying the membership discount.

  The first time the membership card is recharged and recharged, the first time consumption cannot exceed 30% of the total amount.

  The amount of the membership card must be injected within two months after the amount is consumed, otherwise the membership card will be permanently invalid.

  Member's consumption, please present the membership card in advance to enjoy the corresponding discount. If the balance in the membership card is insufficient, the cash payment will not be discounted. All membership cards can only be consumed at the consumer location provided in the member brochure. The use period of the member card stored value is the leap year.


  Members enjoy the priority of other guests when they enjoy the services provided by the hotel.

  The hotel will organize various membership activities from time to time according to the interests and hobbies of the members, so that you can meet more social elites and enhance communication with each other.



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