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  "According to the reputation of Germany" from the "Book of Changes" gentleman to Zhenmin Yude, use reputation, to inherit Germany. The ancient sages Confucius, Mencius, and Zhu Xi believed that they had to use this image, that is, the gentleman was given the merits, and that the Sloan was in the world, so they could clear the customs, reinforce the world, and save the foundation. Home country is also. It means: inheriting the good reputation and character of the predecessors, the sages, the support of the sages, the achievement of the great cause, and the country with such reputation and morality.

  According to the glyphs, it is like the wine cellar in ancient times. It is like a big city wall on both sides. The key shape is in the middle. The design is dignified and generous, stable, and has a long-lasting meaning. It is an expression of ancient Chinese characters. The purpose of Ding is to emphasize the hotel's cultural concept of being prosperous and prosperous in the Central Plains, to welcome the good fortune, pray for blessing and peace.


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